Gabriel’s Tips

When shopping for a locksmith make sure you are quoted a flat price and not just minimum prices. Many companies will tell you things like “$19 AND UP…” to rekey each lock and will end up charging you a lot more than that. This is called “Bait and Switch” – it is illegal and just bad business.
I have a flat rate for every service I provide and can tell you over the phone exactly what it is that you will pay for the job you describe. No hidden fees, no surprises and no bogus charges for work I didn’t really have to do or parts I didn’t actually have to change.

Make sure that the locksmith you are calling is licensed and insured. The license should be presented on the company’s website. This is important because each locksmith has to undergo strict law-enforcement background checks in order to get a license. If you are inviting a stranger in to your house this should definitely be something you should want to check.

I am licensed and insured for your safety (and mine). My locksmith license is LCO 5573.

Many companies will have dispatchers who know nothing about locks answer their phones. They cannot answer your questions accurately without speaking to one of the technicians first. To save yourself time and money, make sure you speak to an experienced locksmith and explain what you need to prevent uncomfortable misunderstandings. 
This is one of the main reasons why answer the phone myself – to answer your questions correctly and solve the problem as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Avoid relying on the word of companies who guarantee arriving at your location in 15 minutes -most of them will usually let you wait around for at least an hour.
We all know that a 15 minute arrival time is an impossible thing to promise considering traffic, driving distance and the fact that they might be busy when you call. Just the fact that they make a promise that they can’t keep tells you something about the way they do business.
I have an average of 20 minute arrival time and will always do my best to arrive at any appointment early rather than late.

You will find that 9 out of 10 locksmith companies will offer 10-20% discounts on their services. Why don’t I offer coupons? Well, who needs coupons when the total bottom-line price is already the lowest???

Last but not least – before deciding one company over the other, first check the reviews on or any other website you trust. Anybody can sound nice over the phone, but can they provide quality work and do they really warranty their work? Only previous customers could tell you that for sure.

Feel free to call me with any questions or concerns.



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